Measuring the biggest wave
Photo/Damien Poullenot

Measuring the big wave

When the World Surf League needed to determine the winner of its Women’s XXL Biggest Wave Award, there was only one person to ask: USC Viterbi’s .

Self-driving car

Teaching your car to drive

USC researchers have developed a method that could allow robots to , like setting a table or driving a car, from observing a small number of demonstrations.

COVID’s financial impact

COVID’s financial impact

Chơi trò chơi tình yêuThe COVID-19 pandemic could result in net over two years, a USC study finds. The worst case: The U.S. GDP loss will more than quadruple China’s.

Air pollution and women’s dementia

The pollution-dementia link

who live amid high levels of air pollution may have more Alzheimer’s-like brain shrinkage than those in places with cleaner air, a USC study finds.

Tips for a safer Thanksgiving

Tips for a safer Thanksgiving

Chơi trò chơi tình yêuIt’s going to be a holiday like never before. Follow our expert advice on how to celebrate safely and of coronavirus exposure.